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  • The comprehensive Meradog protection concept seam- lessly ensures a healthy and happy life for your dog. With the Meradog protection concept, a comprehensive and nutritionally solid modular system is used with the HIGH PREMIUM LINE products. The individual modules are systematically targeted to the needs of the dogs and their special nutritional situation, i.e. age, the general level or sensitivities. With this com- bination, the result is packages of active ingredients which far exceed the regular supply of nutrients.
  • The Meradog protection concept addresses all relevant points of proper health care and responds to every single criterion. This means that the HIGH PREMIUM LINE offers a uniform dietary concept in which recipes which are solid from a nutritional perspective are compiled in a sophisticated way, including everything a dog needs. Ultimately it is all about giving your dog something that tastes great and will fortify and protect him for his entire life.The Meradog protection concept is a solid dietary system which is individually tailored to the age, behavior and need of every dog
  • The Meradog ODOR – STOP formula offers a special active ingredient complex which reduces naturally the dogs own odor.
  • The modern Meradog pure recipe focuses only on one type of meat or fish and one type of carbohydrate. The gluten-free food has a reduced allergy potential.
  • Colostrum, the strongest source of immune protection in nature, supplements the recipes of Meradog welpenmilch and the Meradog pure products as a new component of the protection concept. Being the first source of nutrition for mammals, colostrum has provided a highly effective package of active ingredients to activate the immune system from primordial times. This unique composition of nature is particularly rich in immunoglobulins and many natural nutrients and minerals. Research today makes it possible to process natural bovine colostrum in a beneficial way.

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